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The Lunchtime Portraits

So, I was out on one of my usual lunchtime beats which included Cornmarket, a place lively at mid-day with street performers. I could see that Max Moonlight was drawing a crowd, and then I happened to notice these two women sitting in the doorway of the recently-closed The Works storefront, just opposite the performance. In camp chairs. With thermoses. And by their expressions, it was clear that they weren’t sitting there for the solo-guitar show.

This is Ching Yu and her sister. I approached them and asked about a possible photograph. “Why, do we look interesting to you?” she asked. I observe life on Cornmarket frequently, and I assured her their presence in a locked doorway, seated in camp chairs, was not a usual sight. She smiled and agreed to the photograph, and explained that they were watching their vending booth. It was closed, now, but had been set up in front of St Michael at the Northgate, across the street, and they were awaiting pending word from the city council. Even though licensed, they were somehow shut down on a complaint issued by the gift shop within St Michael. I am happy to report that Ching and family had their business back up and running within a few weeks.

*  Rolleiflex 3,5F Planar  *
*  Kodak Ilford FP4 Plus  *
*  Developed in Kodak Tmax  *
*  Epson V500 scanner  *
*  Photoshop CS6  *