Islets | The Lunchtime Portraits

Islets | The Lunchtime Portraits

Humanity flows
Parting but for an island
Zen, but not really

It was nearing the end of a lunchtime walk with my Wife when we encountered this scene on the High Street in Oxford. A homeless man had collapsed on the sidewalk and was in and out of consciousness, and these two generous people were trying to render assistance. What struck me about the moment was the way in which the man and his guardians created little islands in the detoured, but otherwise undeterred, flow of pedestrians down the sidewalk.

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* Rolleiflex 2,8F Planar *
* Ilford FP4 Plus *
* Yellow Filter *
* Developed in Kodak TMax *
* Epson V500 scanner *
* Photoshop CS6 *

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